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Dan Riley: A Man of Many Identities

Monday, 25 June 2012 19:59
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When Dan Riley first founded iBuyz, there was no way he could have predicted that he would soon be taking on a whole slew of new identities. As a growing start-up, the company opted to take the most economic approach to modeling our products: the do-it-yourself method. While we have all experienced our fair share of product modeling, Dan has it down to a science. His photos always seem to be the most entertaining. That's why we have created a photo set to bring them all together in one place. On a side note, I wonder how long it will take the boss to find out about this post...

BONUS: We plan on captioning these photos based on your feedback on Facebook! We will post a new one on our Facebook wall periodically for our fans to comment with their captions. We will then select a caption to put on the photo in this blog post. This will continue until all photos on the post are captioned!

Army Dan

Dan with Camo Jacket and Black Hat
Dan with Army Bag

Gangsta Dan

Dan wearing Alabama Hoodie
Dan Riley in San Francisco Hoodie

Harley Davidson Dan

Dan Wearing Harley Davidson VestDan Wearing Harley Davidson Bullet Hat

Hipster Dan

Dan Wearing Hipster Hat

John Deere Dan

Dan Wearing John Deere Shirt

Patriots Fan Dan

Dan in Patriots Fleece Helmet
The products pictured above can be found in our store. Don't forget to "like" us on Facebook for photo caption opportunities!
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