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Top 10 Wackiest Online Retail Products

Tuesday, 19 June 2012 11:05
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In the retail business, you see some pretty crazy products! After doing some research, we have created a list of the Top 10 Wackiest Online Retail Products:

10. Shark Sleeping Bag

It isn't always cheap to sleep in style, but $199.95 can make any kid the coolest at the slumber party. However, for those who have frequent nightmares, it may not be as appealing to wake up in a shark's mouth.

Shark Sleeping Bag


9. Billy Bob Pacifiers

Inspire an early start for your child's sense of humor. Just because your baby is too young to wear gag teeth, doesn't mean he or she can't sport a Billy Bog Pacifier!

Billy Bob Pacifiers


8. The Daddle

Don't want to deal with the expenses and hassles of a real pony for your child? Get The Daddle. Problem solved!

The Daddle


7. Bike Umbrella

Don't let the rain keep you from your next two-wheeled adventure! With this ultra-low-wind-resistance bike umbrella, you can ride rain or shine whenever you feel like it.

Bike Umbrella


6. Baby Mop

Why clean your floor so your baby doesn't come in contact with germs? Make him wear a mop and you're good to go!

Baby Mop


5. Clocky: Runaway Alarm Clock

Does the snooze button keep you sleeping in too long? This is for you. You only get one snooze. Clocky rolls off the table and away from you the second time the alarm sounds!

Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock


4. Doggie Doo

Do you hate cleaning up doggie doo? Who doesn't? Hmm... Well maybe they were thinking this would actually make toddlers more excited about one day graduating to the real thing.


3. Swann Flashlight DVR

Perfect for those in need of both a flashlight and DVR, and prefer them to be combined into one product.

Swann Flashlight DVR


2. Ceramic Smoking Baby

For those made of ceramic materials, there is no age too young to light up.

Ceramic Smoking Baby


1. Hydro Jet Pack

This thing is awesome! It is now actually possible to fly in a jet pack, and if you screw up, you land in water! The catch is that it requires a full training course and costs $99,500.

Hydro Jey Pack




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